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“It’s the way she comes across, the way she can hit the high notes. There’s just a lot of soul in her voice. It’s the real thing.”
   —Michael Brauer, 7 time Grammy Winner
(Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, John Mayer)

Megan B. Wilde is an American Soul/R&B singer who’s powerful voice, fiery live performances, and creative compositions garnered the involvement of 6 Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy winners and nominees for her upcoming debut album, “Taming The Wilde”. As an independent artist, singer, composer, and executive producer Of her debut album, “Taming The Wilde” - Megan was invited to work out of the iconic Electric Lady Studios. Her album features work with Michael Brauer (7 time Grammy Winning Mixer and Producer), Joe La Porta (Grammy Winning work on David Bowie’s Blackstar), Brent Kolatalo (involved in 19 #1 singles and albums – Lana Del Rey, Kanye West, Ariana Grande), Arthur Pingrey (Producer of the music of 8 Oscar Winning or Nominated films - Sia, Sting, Norah Jones), and Passenger String Quartet (Composed the Strings to Macklemore’s Grammy winning Album “The Heist”).

“Wilde could very well become a musical force with which to be reckoned.”
   —William Phoenix, The Examiner

In Megan’s own words, “I feel like there are multiple sides to me as an artist. There’s the edgy rock and roll woman in sequins and stilettos. There’s the girl who plays Chopin, Alicia Keys, and Nina Simone at night at her piano. There's the fiesty and cool R&B singer. And then there’s the lady humanitarian who uses her voice and music to lift up the underdogs of society.”

“...This soul-pop singer comes with melodies galore and almost too much voice. If things get showy on the title track, Wilde nails “Make You Mine,” an irresistible Mariah-meets-Adele melding of retro impulses and modern savvy.”
   —M Music & Musicians Magazine

Winner of an LA Music Critic Award and having the honor of being showcased as a songwriter at the iconic Lincoln Center for The New Song Music Competition, Megan’s work as a songwriter encompasses a diverse range of subjects. Beyond traditional songwriting subjects, Megan uses her voice and music to advocate for victims of bullying and suicide, as well as women and children who are victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence. Songs written from her upcoming album have lead her to Meet with Congress in Washington D.C. as part of UNICEFS Congressional Action Team - as well as performing for International Charity Fashion Shows with LOLC, an anti-bullying and suicide awareness charity.

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